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Used Instruments for Sale

Since I set up this particular page in early 2006, none of my instruments have come up for sale by their present owners. If you are keen to be owning one of my older instruments, contact me personally to say what it is that you are looking for. Often, when those who own my older instruments are looking to upgrade their collection with a new instrument from me, they will be wanting to sell their older Hill harpsichord. Because they usually always know someone ready in the wings to buy their older instrument, these instruments never end up on the open market. However, if I know about your needs and can direct you to those instruments, you have a chance to be able to get one before the word gets out. As I state below, I do not charge a commission for this service.

I have always tried to help those who wish to sell their older Hill harpsichords find buyers or to advise them about how to more effectively sell their instruments. I do not charge a commission to put people in touch with each other to effect the sale of their instruments. If you are interested to put your Hill harpsichord on this site, it will be listed under the "Used Instruments" buttons. If you are looking to buy one of these instruments, you should know that I probably have not seen these instruments in years and can not personally vouch for their condition. This is a free service that I offer. There are other internet sites which, if you are interested to sell or buy an instrument by other makers, you should also visit.

Remember, just because a harpsichord isn't currently in working order, doesn't mean it can't be made to function in relatively short order. Too often people are frightened off by the "needs work" phrase. Phil Tyre, my former partner, was fond of saying that a harpsichord was always one half a millimeter away from disaster. He was of course referring to the amount of quill which extends beyond the string. When it is correct, it is about 0,5 mm. If it is less, the quills won't pluck the strings reliably. If it is more, the instrument is incredibly tough to play and the strings are plucked too powerfully...so the touch is exceedingly unpleasant. If you remember this, you may realize that about an hour or two worth of regulation and voicing work is all it takes to make an instrument work...assuming all the quills are there and someone hasn't botched the voicing.



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