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Click here for a Sound Sample*

Most of the instruments in this Gallery are for sale. Those you find under the SITE-Decorations button are not for sale. Click on the buttons to your left to select the specific instrument you are interested in. You will find a page for each instrument currently for sale. If you wish to see more photos of a particular instrument, email me and to find out if they are available.

Prices where indicated are in US Dollars.

If you do not see something which interests you and you have the patience to wait for an instrument to be made especially for you, contact me to discuss your interests.

Furthermore, as a service to those who have ordered a new instrument from me, I offer space on this site to help find buyers for their current instruments. As a matter of course, I have always tried to help those who wish to sell their older Hill harpsichords to find buyers or to advise them about how to more effectively sell their instruments. I consider it good professional etiquette to put people in touch with each other to effect the sale of their used instruments. If you are interested to put your older Hill harpsichord on this site, it will be listed under the "Instruments 4 Sale" button. If you are looking to buy one of these instruments, you should know that I probably have not seen these instruments in years and can not personally vouch for their condition.

You are also welcome to visit my other websites if you are interested in seeing more photos and hearing more sound samples of my work. Click on one of the various "SITE" buttons or on the links at the bottom of the page.

My contact information is: Keith Hill - Instrument Maker, 5641 Granny White Pike, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

My land line phone number is 734-322-3331

My cellphone number is 734-395-8708

My email address is: pictagoras@aol.com

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